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Flinn Cup 5th Edition:
When the weather joins in the fun!

Ostend, September 4, 2021 – The fifth edition of the FLINN Cup took place in excellent weather conditions that made the competition even more challenging and entertaining. The Flinn Cup is the 7th regatta in the Ostend Cup series, organized by Ostend Sailing vzw every year during the first weekend of September. It includes an Inter Law Firm sailing competition, between Belgian and international law firms, off the coast of Ostend.

Amongst this year’s competitors were an international crew from “Lawrope”, with crew members from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy the United Kingdom, and the United States. From the Belgian Bar, crews representing Allen & Overy, Billiet & co, Awerian, Ludwig & Van Dam franchiseadvocaten, Loyens & Loeff, PwC Legal Belgium, LAWROPE International Group of Lawyers, PKM Africa, Compagnie-O Architects, Triangle and FLINN Law Firm participated in the racing.

Flinn Cup 2021: all aboard, attorneys!

This year, FLINN Cup was held again under the general theme “ZERO PLASTIC” because the main objective of sailing and surf clubs in Belgium – including Ostend Sailing – is to actively and effectively ban the unnecessary use of plastic.

The clubs are raising public awareness of the disastrous consequences of plastic pollution in our beautiful North Sea and throughout the world. For the organization, this specifically meant not using plastic lunch bags, cardboard guide arrows, no plastic spoons or yoghurt pots, and so on: ZERO PLASTIC!

As a reminder and gift, all the sailors have received a solid shampoo instead of their plastic shampoo containers. To top it all off, the FLINN 3D Cup, designed and manufactured by STENTYS, was created from corn protein rather than plastic.


The clubs who participate in the Ostend Cup have gathered resources and infrastructure so that sailors from different categories of boats (Yachts, Dragons, SB20, Catamarans, Patin a vela) can enjoy a quality sailing experience and share their resources.

Benoit Simpelaere, chairman of Ostend Sailing, commented:

It seems the skippers have done an excellent job by coaching our colleagues to sail their racing yachts. We are honored to host such international event which is the result of joining forces between 3 clubs OSTEND SAILING, RNSYC and TWINS. Big fun for more than 100 persons on the water and a full house for the festivities in our club house on Oosteroever beach. Congratulations to Allen & Overy, who supports this event from the first edition and will hopefully defend its title on 3 September 2022.“

Jan Alleman, the skipper of the Allen & Overy Belgium team explained:

                “Due to the strong wind (17-21 knots), there were really hard conditions for a first acquaintance with competition sailing. The crew learned about sailing terms and the regulation on the water. Everybody was really impressed with the gradient of the yacht and the effect of the waves on he vessel. Some of them were almost seasick. All of them where wet but happy!”

The competition was challenging and intense, and the prizes were distributed as follows:


1. Monaqua – Jan Alleman Allen & Overy
2. Moonlight shadow – Chris Baert Billiet & Co
3. XTRMLY – Arnaud Vanschoote Awerian
4. Alena – Filip Lammens Compagnie-O
5. JSoif – Nicolas Boel Flinn
6. Katmandu – Freddy Desmet Triangle
7. Palomar – Lothar Debruycker Ludwig & Van Dam

The competition was followed by a delicious “Land and Sea” BBQ in Ostend Sailing’s cozy club-house on Oosteroever beach, followed by a “Soirée Blanche” themed crew party.



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Picture gallery

View the full gallery of pictures here.


The organization would like to highlight this successful edition and acknowledge the support, assistance, enthusiasm and participation of everyone. No FLINN Cup would have been possible without you all!

The staff is already preparing the 2022 edition, where we would be delighted to see everyone again. Please, ensure that you already block Saturday the 3rd of September 2022.

Fair winds and following seas!


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