Next regatta 4-5 September 2021








A friendly competition amongst law firms

Quite a challenge...!

Safety first

Compete with the right team-spirit

Relax with your colleagues

When skippers meet lawyers and have fun

The winner takes it all

Time for action

Our friends are ready for the 2nd edition!

Learning the tips and tricks

Welcome to Ostend Sailing!

With the kind and professional support of WWSV

Yes we can!

Next regatta
7-8 September 2019

The FLINN Cup is a regatta within the Ostend Cup series, organized by Ostend Sailing each year during the first week-end of September.

It includes a friendly INTER LAW FIRM COMPETITION amongst Belgian and International Law Firms.

FLINN promotes sports and we love competition as it helps to make us fit and sharp!

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